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Features under Consideration
None currently.

Date Revision Notes
2015-02-05 33 Bug fixes - mercenary support points and Steel Guard to allow KV3s. Code updates provided by Luke Thomas.
2014-12-29 32 Minor bug fixes for Axis platoons. Code updates provided by Luke Thomas.
2014-12-26 31 Adding support for Mercenary platoon and captured vehicles. Code updates provided by Luke Thomas.
2014-12-22 30 Bug fixes - minor updates for Axis additional supports. Code updates provided by Luke Thomas.
2014-12-21 29 Updates to support Babylon release - not including Mercenaries yet. Code updates provided by Luke Thomas.
2014-03-06 28 Bugfix - Generalmajor Sigrid von Thaler can now lead a Panzer Platoon.
2014-02-09 27 Bugfix - Bazooka Joe and LtCol Joseph Brown now count as the same hero.
2014-02-09 26 Bugfix - Steel Guard 4th section KV3 options fixed; Steel Guard units may no longer take unit upgrades.
2014-02-08 25 Bugfix - missing SSU Steel Guard command squad additional support option added.
2014-02-05 24 Support for Operation Achilles.
2013-04-05 23 "Horten" flyer now correctly available for Schwer platoons.
2013-04-04 22 Minor fixes - "Horten" spelling corrected; Schwer Armor upgrade added.
2013-04-03 21 Bugfix for Second-Generation Serum, was not allowed when using a Hero for the Command Section
2013-03-31 20 Support for Campaign Icarus
2013-01-29 19 "Gunners" Combat Ranger and Battle Grenadiers unit upgrade renamed to properly reflect it's true nature
2013-01-24 18 SSU IS-48A 'Karl Marx' point cost changed from 101 to 91, as per FAQ 1.4
2012-12-21 17 Apocalypse Edition - Unit Upgrades from Core Rulebook and Zverograd are now no longer separate [Upgrade] units, rolled into Unit Upgrade list.
2012-12-18 16 Platoons now draggable; last typed-in Force Size is now remembered
2012-12-17 15 Old Force Link URLs are now converted to the new format.
2012-12-17 14 Major overhaul to code; Unit Upgrades now supported; Improved error reporting; Platoons can be re-ordered and collapsed; Previously chosen faction now remembered (client-side javascript cookie)
2012-12-10 13 Bugfix for point calculation and page updates when adding supports or removing platoons with supports.
2012-12-09 12 First pass support for Hades. Unit Upgrades are not yet supported.
2012-08-31 11 Bugfix for exporting SSU forces with Commissars
2012-08-11 10 Current/Max Platoons/Heroes/Supports counts now displayed; Bugfixes - Removing Commissars fixed, SSU Improved Command upgrade fixed
2012-08-09 9 Commissar points fixed
2012-08-09 8 Various bugfixes from the Zverograd update: fixed point values on Commissars and SSU Snipers, incorrect or missing tank upgrade options
2012-08-08 7 SSU support added. Special thanks to Major Malfunction for donating a copy of the Zverograd Campaign Book. Added a 'Clear' button to reset to blank.
2012-07-09 6 Bugfixes with limited Platoon Upgrades (Extra Panzer Support, Extra Hero, Improved Command)
2012-06-24 5 "Link" feature to save and share armies added
2012-06-22 4 Added optional Force and Platoon Notes; Improved error feedback; Option to override hero/platoon limits
2012-06-21 3 Removed platoon upgrades for Hero platoons; "Extra Panzer Support" restrictions applied; enhanced error feedback
2012-06-19 2 Various bugfixes
2012-06-19 1 First release